Are We Better Off Now than Four Years Ago?  

Vote with the Facts!

We feel that there is no more urgent matter than to share these researched facts nationwide in order

to counter "the spin," register voters, and support them all the way to the polls.

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1.      Jobs are disappearing 


2.      Poverty is Increasing


3.      A Health Care Crisis is Upon Us


4.      Educational needs are being neglected


5.      The environment is under attack.


6.      Military Spending is out of Control


7.      "The occupation of Iraq is a disaster" – Spanish Prime Minister elect Jose Zapatero


8.      Tax Cuts have been a Giveaway to the Rich which did not lead to jobs

What was the result of these tax cuts which would create jobs according to the Bush Administration?  Only 294,000 jobs were created out of a total 2,448,000 jobs projected to be created in the first seven months after the 2003 tax cuts took effect. This is 2,154,000 jobs short of the mark.

To reach the 5.5 million target by the end of 2004, job growth would have to average 473,000 per month over four times the level of job growth in January 2004.


9.      US Government Spending has skyrocketed


10.  Overall the Bush Administration’s policies are a disaster.



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